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 RCSA’s greatest honors come from the families that choose to call RCSA home. Read a few of their words here and find more on Facebook or


This school is awesome! The teachers/staff only care about the students learning. they are not all about just doing what they can to have the students pass. They truly want them to LEARN.All of the teachers at RCSA we've dealt with over the past 3 school years have been nothing short of spectacular. Their STEM/Health curriculum really sets the kids up for success later in their academic career. They also have many clubs to help the kids learn more about these subjects. They even have a College Mentorship Program for students with good grades in 6th grade or above. This helps prepare them for college.”-Submitted by Rick Farmer on Facebook Sept. 2016

“I have taught in Duval County for over a decade, and can honestly say that I couldn't be happier to be part of the RCSA learning community. My son has had a tremendous experience as an elementary and middle school student there. He has been far more challenged academically than he ever was at our neighborhood school. We have a diverse student body, yet are small enough to feel like a family. There are only great things to come in the future of this unique, amazing place.” – Submitted by Sheri Porubsky on Facebook, May 2016

“This school was just wonderful. For my years here at RCSA, I have truly became a better student and person. These teachers have a passion for getting you to where you want to go, and there's so much you could do! Science Olympiad, Student Council, Science Fair, and History Fair as well! RCSA gives students a chance to do great things as they accept anyone no matter who you are.” -Submitted by a student on Greatschools, July 2016

“The teachers, administration and staff are phenomenal! STEM focused school with lots of after school activities. We are very happy here and plan to stay through high school.” -Submitted by a community member on Greatschools, May 2016

One of the best decisions I've made about my son's education was enrolling him into RCSA! 
They've made it possible for my son to get a charter school experience for a price that is reasonable. We've experienced nothing but great things here! The staff is friendly and very involved with the kids. My son is enrolled at the new RCSA in Mandarin and he has nothing but great things to say every day when he comes home! His happiness is important to me and anyone who can make a child actually enjoy school, is a hero in my book any day.” – A parent on Facebook, 2016

“This is our first year at RSCA. I can't express how happy I am with the school.”
—Submitted by a parent on Greatschools

This school is Amazing! They are so focused on having their students achieve the very best, and their expectations on the kids is very high which is wonderful. The entire school is focused on excellence. They are truly top-notch.”
—Submitted by a parent on Greatschools

RCSA has been a blessing to my family since they've opened their doors! They are the most compassionate, enthusiastic and genuine bunch of teachers I've ever met. They truly care about their students and giving them all the tools and opportunities to succeed.”
—Submitted by a parent

“I am so excited to be joining the staff at River City Science Academy. The faculty and staff are very kind, caring, and dedicated. I am also so impressed by the students and parents. Everyone is genuinely dedicated to the education of children!”
—Submitted by a teacher

 “This is my son’s first year at RCSA. We came from a private school where he was labeled a trouble maker because he was not challenged and bored to tears! This school has been a blessing for him. He has rose to meet the challenge they present to him. He is not labeled. He has made friends and enjoys going to school every day.”
—Submitted by a parent

“Great school. Middle school is always a big transition but RCSA helped ease my daughter into her future by helping her define her goals. She was always a good student, but the encouragement of the teachers help her get past the usual preteen anxieties and focus on her studies. They also provide awesome afterschool clubs which help give every student a chance to feel like they belong. I recommend this school to any parent whose student is ready to face the challenges of the science and technological future.”
—Submitted by a parent