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Robotics Team Gets Some Practice and Compliment Before the Big Event

            Last Saturday, November 5th, RCSA Elementary’s Robotics team had the opportunity to participate in a practice tournament to prepare them for their Robotics tournament on December 10th at Bolles. 

 The affair was held at Fleming Island High School and was comprised of seven events.  Participants were able to talk to the judges and other experts about their robot design/programming and animal project.  During one of the practice activities, RCSA’s Robotics Team was remarked as one of the “Best Rookie Groups” by a judge that clearly knew what he was talking about!    

 Almost as amazing as our students’ hard work has been the incredible support of their coaches and parents.  The team is led by Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Schott, who have dedicated a great deal of time beyond school hours to this team.  Also dedicating his time and much energy is Mr. Sian, who attends practice every week and is a blessing to these students who are so eager to learn.  Our Robotics Team will be extending their working hours over the next month to prepare for their big event in December.  Keep up the hard work!