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RCSA celebrates Black History Month with Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick


River City Science Academy’s staff and students were honored to have Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, Sr. Pastor at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church to speak at our school January 24, 2013. He spoke in an articulate and conservative manner. The information  he shared allowed students to ponder on ways minority individuals were treated in the past, and why they need to deter from mistreating others today. His words were heard loud and clear. They were also quite interesting and  meaningful. 

Bishop McKissick  did not only share  information about what he read in History books or saw in the media during his era of oppression, but instead he shared memories of personal encounters, experiences and obstacles he endured as an African- American male growing up in the slavery era. Students as well as staff and faculty  were intrigued by his demeanor, optimism, and his enthusiasm. It was obvious that he shared with us memories that had been painful and hurtful to bear. Yet his message was embedded with love, hope and determination. He never gave up then and he has refused to give up on changing negative situations even today. He is still as   determined  and motivated to make a difference in the lives of people  decades later . It has to be noted his determination and will power does not only lie in seeing African-Americans continue to rise above oppression, but his primary goal is to make a difference in everyone’s life regardless of the individual’s race, color, nationality or creed. Bishop MckIssick is indeed known to be a notable and well-respected icon who knows the true meaning of Black History month.

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