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Governor Rick Scott invited to "Hour of Code"


On Tuesday, October 20th Governor Rick Scott made an appearance at SAFT , a battery company intent on teaming up with local legislature to support a stronger push on a S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ) education in schools and in the workforce.

Governor Scott recognized the hardworking and self motivated engineers of SAFT and discussed his policy on lowering the tax on manufacturing companies. The Governor has a mission to grow jobs here in Florida and believes the best way to start is in the schools. Scott is lobbying for a 1 million dollar addition to the budget for a program to train teachers on a S.T.E.M based curriculum. RCSA was honored to attend such an event and have the opportunity to invite the governor himself to our school for the National One Hour of Coding event. S.T.E.M. has an important role to play in our futures and it is an inspiration to see that our state government has such a drive to support the workforce of tomorrow.