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Bell Schedule

6.45-730 am

Before School Care

7.30 am

Breakfast Served (Until 8 am)

7.35 am

School Doors open for Access (Until 8 am)

7.45 am

Students go to their homerooms

11.00- 11.35 am

Lunch (3-5th grade)

11.30 am-12.00 pm

Lunch (6th-7th grade)

12.00-12.30 pm

Lunch (K-2nd grade)

2.30 pm

Dismissal for Elementary Students

2.35 pm

Dismissal for Middle School Students

2.45 pm

After School Care Starts

3.00 pm

Students MUST BE PICKED UP (If they are in aftercare or clubs/tutoring)

3.00-3.45 pm

Clubs/ Tutoring

3.45 pm

Clubs/ Tutoring Pick up

5.45 pm

After School Care Ends (No students allowed to stay at school after this time)