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Academic Teams

Students across all four RCSA campuses are involved in academic teams including Science and Math Olympiad. Students combine academic skills with the spirit of teamwork, leadership and competition. Individual students and teams have received many awards in these competitions, and RCSA is proud to hold a strong legacy in both events.

Math Olympiad

Students in teams of up to 35 4-8 graders compete in math problem solving contests. The goal of the program is to stimulate a love for mathematics, introduce important concepts and strategies and foster mathematical creativity in problem solving.

RCSA students compete in Mathletics and Mathcounts competitions at the local, state and national level throughout the year.




Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a national program in which students learn science through active, hands-on participation with an emphasis on problem solving and team building skills. Students from different schools compete in events designed to be fun, exciting and challenging. Some events require knowledge of science facts and concepts while others rely on scientific processes, skills and applications so students with varying skills can participate. Science Olympiad also brings team spirit and practice in good sportsmanship.

15 students compete on a team responsible for 23 events. New students usually start with two events, while veteran competitors cover four or five. RCSA competes at the regional and state level and has taken home numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at all levels.

2017 Science Olympiad Events

Life, Personal and Social Science:


Disease Detectives


Microbe Mission

Earth and Space:

Dynamic Planet

Rocks and Minerals


Physical Science and Chemistry:


Crime Busters

Potions and Poisons

Technology and Engineering:

Roller Coaster

Wright Stuff


Inquiry and Nature of Science:

Fast Facts

Experimental Design