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College Mentorship Program

 CMP Introduction

The College Mentorship Program (CMP) is a voluntary mentoring program designed to prepare selected students for the best colleges and universities. Students will gain knowledge and experience in social networking, academics, extracurricular activities and character education. We strongly believe that the students within a collaborative and cooperative environment can achieve and go above and beyond their educational goals. CMP is a commitment to a long term interactive relationship between a mentor and mentee which will enhance the student’s probability of acceptance into top ranking colleges and universities. Each student in this program will be assigned a mentor. Mentors work with three or four students. The students and mentor will meet weekly to complete assignments and monitor progress. Mentors and mentees also participate in leadership seminars, community service programs, college visits and more.

 CMP Mission and Vision


The mission of the CMP is to provide academic and social opportunities for high achieving students to develop the leadership and teamwork skills necessary for college and career. Beyond academics, students gain skills that are vital to the real-world experiences they will face after high school graduation.


The vision of the CMP is for every selected student to exceed his or her highest potential and gain acceptance to a top-ranking university.

CMP Responsibilities

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Meet with the students and track weekly and yearly plans.
  • Set various college prep related goals for each student and record student progress.
  • Monitor students’ weekly chart.
  • Invite the group to CMP activities and events.
  • Attend meetings with CMP coordinator.
  • Meet with parents (home visits, picnics, etc.) on a regular basis.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Sign the consent form for your child’s admission into the program.
  • Encourage your child to regularly attend his or her group activities.
  • Notify your child’s mentor if there is a change of address, contact information or other change in the family that might affect your child's participation in the program.
  • Participate in family gatherings such as picnics, dinners, assemblies, home visits, etc.
  • Communicate regularly with student`s mentor.
  • Track the student’s performance via weekly reports.
  • Make the payment of the extracurricular activities associated with CMP.
  • Volunteer to participate as a chaperone for CMP activities if needed.

Student Responsibilities

  • Uphold a commitment to excellent learning and behavior.
  • Meet weekly, monthly and yearly requirements.
  • Set goals with mentor and devote your time and effort to achieve these set goals.
  • Take responsibility for personal growth and success.
  • Attend all CMP weekly meetings with mentor.
  • Avoid referrals and discipline issues. Discipline problems might cause dismissal from the CMP.
  • Keep GPA as high as possible.
  • Keep your average grade of core courses as high as possible.

Dismissal Procedure

Student will be dismissed from the CMP if:

  • The student fails to attend weekly CMP meetings with the mentor without an excuse or a parent note.
  • The student is referred by all members of the team for dismissal.
  • The student does not meet his or her academic requirements and other duties/assignments.
  • The student does not complete weekly assignments.
  • The student is involved in major discipline issues.