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At RCSA, students exceed expectations every day. They are driven to challenge themselves and prepare for college and career. For this reason, RCSA offers several advanced options for students to gain additional skills and distinguish themselves in college admissions. Students are encouraged to become independent learners, constantly assessing problems and finding solutions. A team of dedicated teachers and staff ensures that students’ academic and personal needs are met each day so students can reach their goals and highest potential.


Advanced Placement

The College Board Advanced Placement Program allows students to experience college- level coursework while enrolled at RCSA. AP courses help prepare students for college by helping them hone the study and time management skills necessary to succeed at rigorous coursework. AP classes also help students stand out in college admissions. Success in AP courses signals that applicants are prepared for college courses and willing to work hard. Students may receive college credit for passing an AP course. This credit can allow students to bypass introductory college courses and potentially save on tuition expenses. RCSA offers 12 AP courses in a variety of subjects including literature, calculus, history, psychology and multiple sciences.


AP Capstone Program

RCSA offers the latest program from the College Board. AP Capstone gives students the chance to graduate with an AP Capstone Diploma, signifying that they completed college-level research. There are two year-long courses in the program- AP Seminar and AP Research. Students work with an advisor to choose an academic topic or problem that interests them and complete a research project. The course culminates in an academic paper and oral defense.


Dual Enrollment

Students in the Dual Enrollment program are challenged with a rigorous college preparatory program by earning high school and college credit. They take college level DE courses on the RCSA campus. Students can pursue their high school diploma while also earning an associates degree with Early College. All academic fees are included for students in the Dual Enrollment program.


Gifted Education

The gifted program is designed for students who are academically advanced to foster independent learning through development of problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to think like scientists in gathering, interpreting and presenting information. Students in the gifted program can take advantage of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses as well as Science and Math Olympiad.



A wide range of electives ensures that every student at RCSA can find something to be passionate about. Students can explore courses in computer science, robotics, web design, creative writing, psychology and Spanish or Turkish language.