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Your business, professional organization, club or family can become a Partner in Education ( Click here ) with RCSA Schools in three different ways:


   A. You can become a material partner.  Our school's material needs are almost endless,  including computer software, books, visuals,  special learning items, and classroom supplies.


   B. You can become a manpower partner. By volunteering yourself or your employees as tutors, mentors, guest speakers, or judges for a special school event, your donated time would greatly benefit our schools.


  C. You can become a monetary partner with a funds donation. Your donation will be used to provide items that could not be purchased because of budget restraints. There are many departments in our schools that need special attention, including Science, Stem And Health Expo, International Fest, Leadership Program,  Robotics , Language Arts, Science Olympia, Computer, Sports Program,  Family and Consumer Sciences, Art and Music.

Business Partnership Agreement