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What is a home visit?


A teacher knocking on the front door might sound like a nightmare to many students and parents. But home visits are not punishment- they are an opportunity that is RCSA is excited about. Home visits allow parents, teachers and students to build strong personal relationships based on mutual trust and respect.


Home visits are a simple idea with huge benefits for families, teachers and most importantly, students. During a home visit, a teacher visits a family at their home or wherever they are most comfortable. The goal of this meeting is just to have teachers and families get to know one another and start building a personal relationship. This relationship works because parents and teachers share the same goal- helping the student be the best he or she can be.


Why home visits?


Home visits help everyone.


Parents get to meet teachers and a direct link to school and an opportunity to be more involved. They can also get advice and resources on how to best help their child with academics at home.


Teachers get to learn more about their students as individuals. They learn how to best help that specific child succeed. Teachers also benefit from more engaged parents who can help reinforce academic and behavioral expectations at home.


Most importantly, students get to see the most important people in their life working as a team. That team has one goal- to help the student.


Champions of home visits point to the positive effects for students: better attendance, higher homework completion and lower rates of discipline and suspension. School climate and even academic performance improves when schools and families work together.


The research is clear- when families are engaged and active with the school, students do better. Home visits are a great tool to build engagement and a bridge between school and home.


You may be contacted for a home visit this year. These visits are not mandatory but encouraged. This is because RCSA shares your goal- help your child succeed.