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Arts and Activities

While RCSA is a STEM school, the arts are still alive and well. Just like creative problem solving is necessary in STEM projects, creative work in the arts is valued and celebrated. High school students choose one year of art as a mandatory elective. Students can choose 2D Art, which allows them to explore everything from water colors to mixed media to graffiti. Students can also choose digital art where they work on computers and become experts in Photoshop.


Students have many opportunities to explore their creative sides after school. Art Club meets weekly for aspiring artists in both middle and high school. RCSA’s diversity is obvious in its many dance clubs, from hip hop to step to Spanish dance and Turkish folk dance. Other options include Drama and Theater and Poetry Club.


Below is a complete list of weekly club offerings for the 2017-2018 school year:


Animal Club

Art Club

Cinema Club

Chess Club/Board Games Club


Drama/ Theater Arts

Fitness/Run Club

Hip Hop and Poetic Movements

Interact Club

Knitting/Crochet/Sewing Club

Poetry Club

Programming Club


Science Olympiad

Spanish Dance Club

Step Club

Student Council

Table Tennis

Turkish Folk Dance Club

Yoga Club