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Don’t just take it from us! and See what everyone else is saying

“I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate Ashe being at RCSA, ESPECIALLY during this unforeseen, crazy time. I knew from our first tour that this was a special place, but since the pandemic I have been blown away by the incredible job you guys are doing. A true model for other public/private/charter schools, no question.

I don’t think we could have possibly found ANY other school that has been as well suited for virtual learning and quality parent communication as you guys have been. I’ve been so pleased that your infrastructure of online learning platforms has already been so well established. It was pretty painless to transition to full time digital learning during this crisis. My son’s teacher checks on him regularly. His resource teachers are always responsive to messages and keep sending creative ways for us to engage with online learning at home. It’s been a real joy to observe.

Not only that, but almost every day I get a post on Class Dojo offering support for my student and for RCSA families— tech support, mental health support, food services. It’s incredibly impressive. I feel very connected to my son’s RCSA community even though we are not there in person.

Thanks for keeping this school awesome. I can’t begin to fathom how much work and coordination goes on behind the scenes to make this experience happen for so many students. Again, I am so grateful we were able to join the school and even more grateful to know you all shine that much more in times of crisis. 

Keep being awesome and please express my thanks as a parent to anyone that needs to hear it!”
Email from Parent

“This school was just wonderful. For my years here at RCSA, I have truly become a better student and person. These teachers have a passion for getting you to where you want to go, and there's so much you could do! To Science Olympiad, Student Council, Science Fair, and History Fair as well! RCSA gives students a chance to do great things as they accept anyone no matter who you are. The STEM things are endless, it's not just science! The possibilities of your future is wonderful, and you will have the greatest time of your life.”
Student on greatschools.com

“The teachers, administration and staff are phenomenal! STEM focused school with lots of after school activities. We are very happy here and plan to stay through high school.”
Parent on greatschools.com

“RCSA has helped me through the most tough times, and especially with their Science Olympiad program and more diversity, I have become the better person I wanted to be. Thanks to them I have been one of the happiest girls in my life.”
Student on Facebook

“Both of my children have attended River City Science Academy since kindergarten and have been there for almost five years. I can not express enough how amazing our personal experiences have been and how pleased we ALL are with the school, teachers, parents, administrators, and staff. It's true, the academic pace is fast and best suited to children who pick up new information quickly, retain it well, and make use of that information readily and without much repetition. While there are many areas for a child to excel, this is a school for the STEM focus also River City Science Academy does have wonderful "specials" opportunities in music, art, and sports and many many more.”
Parent on greatschools.com

“This school is just a wonderful place, especially for a STEM learner. We have felt so welcomed and part of a community of talented teachers and students. My kids really needed the differentiation and extensions to the curriculum as well as the social emotional support provided at this school. The teachers could not be more dedicated and committed to helping each child reach his or her potential. What a special honor it is to be here! I suggest River City Science Academy to everyone who wants better education.”
Parent on greatschools.com

“My grandsons are on their 3rd and 2nd year’s respectfully. The teachers and staff are amazing! The culture is true compassion for no student left behind. The opportunity that is provided to students is remarkable. I’m so thankful for our village at RCSAI! We are looking forward to another great year.”
Parent on Facebook

“I have taught in Duval County for over a decade, and can honestly say that I couldn't be happier to be part of the RCSA learning community. My son has had a tremendous experience as an elementary and middle school student there. He has been far more challenged academically than he ever was at our neighborhood school. We have a diverse student body, yet are small enough to feel like a family. There are only great things to come in the future of this unique, amazing place.”
Parent and Teacher on Facebook

“RCSA ES is one of the best schools hands down. The class sizes are small and the teachers are hands on. I always know what is going on with my child, and there are always activities after school, and fun things promoting their school. My older child goes the RCSA Middle/High and she has been attending since 6th grade. Devoted faculty and staff who know the kids by name. Fantastic thing they got going over there.”
Parent on Facebook

“My daughter loves it here! This is her 2nd year and next year her sister will be there too! I can’t wait! We love how secured it feels just dropping off my child and the teachers really care about each student individually. My daughter’s 2nd grade teacher now is from Orlando and I love her teaching skills! I am a true believer that my daughter’s grades are all As because of her style of teaching! Thank you!”
Parent on Facebook

“This school is awesome! The teachers/staff only care about the students learning. they are not all about just doing what they can to have the students pass. They truly want them to LEARN.
All of the teachers at RCSA we've dealt with over the past 3 school years have been nothing short of spectacular. Going the extra mile to help the kids succeed.
Their STEM/Health curriculum really sets the kids up for success later in their academic career. They also have many clubs to help the kids learn more about these subjects. They even have a College Mentorship Program for students with good grades in 6th grade or above. This helps prepare them for college. Really forward-thinking.
Both of our kids absolutely love the school.”
Parent on Facebook

“My kids have been here for 2nd, 3rd grades, and now fourth and kindergarten. I don't know how the middle school grades are, but we have had an amazing experience with the elementary level. I like that they do balance all subjects, even with the name "science academy' and I'm glad my daughters are getting a STEM focused education.”
Parent on greatschools.com

“This is our first year at RCSAI, and we’ve come to love it, mostly due to the energetic teachers and staff, extra curricular activities, clubs, almost monthly celebrations of some sort (festivals, competitions, musicals, fundraisers, cultural celebrations etc), various and very engaging field trips, and on top of it all, they make learning fun! RCSAI have great Arts department as well! The school provides students with excellent exposure to multiple routes of interests and sharpens their strengths to excel in the future.”
Parent on Facebook


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